Eye Care Services

General Ophthalmic Examination

A thorough examination consists of variety of standard tests designed to measure the visual acuity and other visual faculties, as well as observe the health of the eye and check for common eye diseases. General eye exam can diagnose a variety of eye condition early and are the best way to preserve vision.

General eye examination includes

  • Patient ocular history, systemic history, last eye examination date, chief complaints and other problems.
  • Pupils: Patients pupils will be inspected for regular size and shape. The doctor checks how the pupils react to light at various distances
  • Vision: The test determines how well a person can discern detail at a given distance. Vision of a patient is measured using a snellen chart or drum. It is measured for distance as well as for near.
  • Refraction with Autorefraction and Retinoscopy and Subjective Refraction: this test is done to measure the power of the eye.
  • Tonometry: Intraocular pressure (IOP) is measured using Goldman Applanation Tonometer. Patients who have high IOP are in risk or be suspected with Glaucoma.
  • External and internal eye examination: The Doctor may check for external eye problems, that is the external parts of the eye and internal eye structures are examined after dilatation process with the help of an slit lamp and special ophthalmic lenses.